Quadrant Rd Project

This particular project brought great satisfaction to not only us as painters, but everyone who contributed to the execution of this project, all the way from the builders to clients. The owner of the house is one of New Zealand’s leading sporting administrators, the satisfaction that she felt in conjunction with her family was a testament to the hard work we put in and a reflection of the trusting relationship we aim to build with our clients.

This house won the gold award in the 2017 Registered Masterbuilder’s House of the Year, with the painting playing a part of that success.

Roberts Road project

This house is our most prized project which we take great pride in presenting. A true reflection of the teamwork that is needed when undertaking a project of this scale. From building to finishing, it is arguably one the best projects we have ever worked on and it shows in the very high standard that came to be.

Because of the work that everyone put in, this house won a silver award in the 2018 Registered Masterbuilder‘s House of the Year 2018.

Kirton Cres Project

These affordable homes were painted with the same care and quality as any other home we have previously worked on. Regardless of the size of the job, we will always aim to deliver on time and on budget. This really shows that there is no job too big or small for HPL.

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