Common Questions

How long do paint jobs take to do?

As you can imagine, the bigger the job, the longer it would take. If we were given full access with no interruptions, a full interior or exterior job could take up to 14 working days.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Most of our products are low VOC (volatile organic compounds) but in some cases it is extremely difficult, sometimes impossible to find a environmentally friendly alternative that provides the same finish that we expect.

Can painting be done in winter?

Yes, all forms painting can be done during the winter season but we rely heavily on the days that the weather gives us. Obviously, we couldn't paint the outside of your house in the rain, but we will make a judgment during fine days so if we are able to work, we will be there. There are also additives available to protect wet paint from the rain so we can explore that option if we need to.

Are your products environmentally friendly?

Most of our products are low VOC (volatile organic compounds) but in some cases it is extremely difficult, sometimes impossible to find a environmentally friendly alternative that provides the same finish that we expect.

Is it safe for children?

We would not recommend exposing any children under the age of two to be directly exposed to any dust or fumes. We can work around this so you should not be put off getting any painting done.

What happens if something gets damaged?

In the unlikely event of property or fittings being damaged, HPL will replace with something of similar style or value without hesitation. An initial site inspection will take place prior to work commencing so there is no mistaking existing damage with new damage.

Will you supply access?? Scaffold, ladders etc

We have our own mobile scaffold that reaches up to five metres high. Any major scaffold will need to be supplied by a contractor and we can organise this unless you decide to organise it yourself.

Why is a three-coat paint system specified?

With a three-coat paint system, you achieve a consistent sheen on interior and exterior surfaces and sufficient film build up that is required to protect your surface. This allows us to finish jobs to a high standard, with a finish that we are adamant you will be happy with.

Do I need to provide space to store job related tools and materials??

Yes, as the amount of gear it takes to do most jobs is quite large, a space in the corner of your garage or backyard is very necessary for us to be able to store our tools and materials without leaving your property looking messy and unprofessional.

How far are you willing to travel for a job?

Normally we will travel as far as Hobsonville, Albany, Howick and Papakura. For repeat customers we may travel further.

Can we live in the house while paint work is taking place?

The products that we use will most likely be low odour with exceptions for very specific jobs. Because of this, anyone over the age of two years old are safe to stay in the house as we work on your home. Regardless, HPL will devise a plan of attack to minimise the amount of inconvenience we put on you and your family.

Will it be cheaper if I help?

We recommend not helping as we are trained professionals and want to ensure that every step of our process is executed to the best quality and a standard that we see fit.

Do we have to pay up front?

With HPL, we do require a deposit that would be equal to one third of the contract price, this ensures your booking and you automatically become a top priority. Depending on the duration of the job, we may require a progress payment. Final payment is most definitely upon the completion of the job and when both parties are satisfied.

Is there any difference between paint brands?

As long as the products are from New Zealand's three major companies we are happy to use them. Resene, Wattyl and Dulux are New Zealand's leaders in paint with their quality ingredients and testing and HPL would be happy to use any of them.

Will you need access inside my house on an exterior paint job?

Yes, usually for toilet facilities and power. If for any reason this is not acceptable, both can be supplied for extra charges.

What is the best way to choose colours?

There are many consultants that you can employ within Auckland as well as colour consultants at places like Resene where you can enquire about colour schemes. Unfortunately, HPL will only comment on colour schemes when asked and we only give personal opinion and will not be held liable for colours not liked.

Can you paint with only one coat of paint?

Single coat paint systems very rarely work and will be advised against unless there are special circumstances that make a single coat necessary. Incorrect film build-up will result in coating being weak and prone to fading.

Can you paint bricks?

Bricks can be painted with the correct primer and top coat systems. Each brand is slightly different, we can recommend different products.
Do we need to organise chemwash contractors for our exterior project?
For residential paint work we prefer to do our own chemwash. Any outside contractors can be organised for larger more difficult jobs.

What do we need to supply as clients? Power, toilet.

Yes, a toilet, power and car parking are always good.

Are there trends in decorating?

Yes, most definitely. Trends are a very apparent in decorating. Our director Troy is the best to talk to regarding the current trends we see. They change very often yet nothing truly goes out of fashion.

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